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  • A Close Shave in the U.S. Civil War - Memoirs of Nova Scotian Samuel James Hingley, who served in 3rd Regiment Infantry, New Hampshire Volunteers, and was wounded in General Butler's Bermuda Hundred Campaign.
  • Adventures of Harvey Hogue - Tales of a soldier in the Ohio 115th including a harrowing escape from Andersonville.
  • Albert Underwood Civil War Diary - The Civil War diary of Albert Underwood of Annapolis, Park County, Indiana. It covers Jan 1, 1864 thru Jan 11, 1865.
  • Alice Williamson Diary - This diary of a Tennessee schoolgirl chronicles life during the Civil War.
  • American Civil War Collection - Civil War letters and diary entries include transcriptions and digital images of the manuscripts.
  • Capt. Richard W. Burt 76th Ohio Infantry - Civil War letters and poems from R.W. Burt.
  • Civil War Letters of John Alexander Ritter, M.D. - Letters from a doctor while serving as Regimental Surgeon in the 49th Indiana Volunteers from 1861 to 1863. Written during the regiment's campaigns in Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.
  • David Emmons Johnston, 1845-1917 - The story of a Confederate boy in the Civil War, by David Emmons Johnston, 1845-1917.
  • Diary Henry Carl Ketzle Illinois Infantry - Diary of the 37th Illinois Volunteer Infantry, Company B, covering enlistment in July 1861 to muster out in May 1866. Battle of Pea Ridge included.
  • Dwight Henry Cory - Civil War letters and diary of Dwight Henry Cory, 6th OH Volunteer Cavalry.
  • E.S.C. Robertson Civil War Biography - Excerpts from the Robertson Colony Collection at the University of Texas at Arlington.
  • Galutia York - Civil War letters of Galutia York, 114th New York State Volunteer Infantry.
  • George W. Ervay Diary - Excerpt from the diary of George W. Ervay of Stockton's Independent Volunteers.
  • In a Charge Near Fort Hell - An account by Captain Thomas P. Beals describing operations near Fort Sedgwick in 1864.
  • Iowa Civil War Page-Letters, Journals, Diaries and Oral Accounts - A variety of manuscripts by Iowa residents and units.
  • James B. Lockney, Wisconsin 28th Regiment, Company G - Two of the original Civil War diaries are in the possession of his great granddaughter Mary Lockney of Brookfield, Wisconsin and his complete works are at the State Historical Society of Wisconsin in Madison, WI.
  • James Franklin Freeman - The story of James Franklin Freeman, 22nd NC Regiment.
  • John Allan Wyeth, 1845-1922. - "With sabre and scalpel; the Autobiography of a Soldier and Surgeon", Memoirs of doctor and Confederate soldier John Allan Wyeth. Full scanned text, part of a project by the U. of N. Carolina.
  • Journal of Andrew Jackson Nickell - Text from the war diary of Andrew Nickell of the 114th Ohio Volunteer Infantry.
  • Jubal Anderson Early - Autobiographical sketch and narrative of the War between the States, by Jubal Anderson Early, 1816-1894. Full text scanned from original.
  • Juckett Family Civil War Letters - Letters written by A.J. Juckett while serving with the 2d Michigan Infantry during the Civil War.
  • Letters Home from an Iowa Soldier - These letters are part of a collection written by Newton Robert Scott, Private, Company A, of the 36th Infantry, Iowa Volunteers, during the American Civil War.
  • Letters of the Harvard Regiment - Extensive transcriptions of letters from members of the 20th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment.
  • Levi Pennington Letters - Letter, dated December 9, 1862, from Lt. Levi Pennington.
  • Primary Sources of New York Soldiers and Nurses - Letters, diaries, reminiscences, and manuscripts of New York soldiers and nurses during the Civil War.
  • Private Jefferson Moses - Contains the Civil War diary, memoirs, photographs, and other memorabilia of Private Jefferson Moses, Company G, 93rd Illinois Volunteers.
  • Randolph Harrison McKim, 1842-1920. - A soldier's recollections from the diary of a young Confederate.
  • Reminiscences of the Nineteenth Massachusetts Regiment. - The memories of Capt. John G. B. Adams, written on behalf of his regiment.
  • Robert C. Cardin, Company B, 16th Tennessee Infantry - Memories about how a boy of seventeen went to war, what he saw and some of his experiences.
  • Rose O'Neal Greenhow, 1814-1864 - In this 1863 autobiography, the Washington, D.C., socialite and Confederate spy told her story and gave her view of contemporary events.
  • Speech -- Augustus M. Erwin - Speech written by Augustus M. Erwin, Captain, Co. E. 117th Reg't. N.Y. Infantry, which includes some of his war recollections.
  • The Calvin Shedd Papers - Letters written by Calvin Shedd, a carpenter from New Hampshire, who enlisted in the 7th Regiment, New Hampshire Volunteers and served the Union Army.
  • The Civil War Diary of O.T. Wright, 14th Indiana - These are the civil war adventures of Owen Thomas Wright. It covers his being one of the first to answer Lincoln's call, to the front lines of major battles, through his attempts to escape Confederate captors from Andersonville.
  • The Letters of Noah Hart - Information from and about a Union officer in Company F of the 10th Michigan Infantry.
  • The Private History of a Campaign That Failed - E-text of essay by Mark Twain about experiences as a Confederate soldier.
  • The Wartime Diary of John Weathered - The exact time when the manuscript was written isn't clear but it was several years after the war while Weathered was in retirement. Bennett's Regiment or 9th Tennessee Cavalry.
  • The Writings of Civil War Captain Harmon Root Hubbard - Personal reminiscences, including detailed accounts of his Andersonville prison stay, his eventual escape and the battle of Ft. Blakely.
  • Ulysses S. Grant's Personal Memoirs - E-text of the 1885-1886 edition at
  • Valley of the Shadow: Two Communities in the Civil War - A collection of personal papers, diaries, and reminiscences from two communities, one Northern and one Southern.
  • Virginia Tech Libraries' Civil War collections - Includes a number of online letters and memoirs from soldiers on both sides.
  • William H. Johnson Civil War Letters - Letters of Union soldier William H. Johnson, a sergeant in Co. E, Seventh Connecticut Volunteers. Links to other manuscripts collections.
  • William R. Lee, Humane and Generous Enemy - Correspondence between Robert E. Lee and his Massachusetts relative William R. Lee. Also includes accounts of the battle
  • Bear Harvey

    Bryarly, Robert P

    Cadwallander, James M

    Diary of Rachel Cormany

    Samual Cormany

    Emerson, Nancy

    Abraham Essick

    Rose O'Neal Greenhow Papers

    William Heyser

    Catherine Hunsacker

    Anna Mellinger

    Basil H. Messler

    Elias Moore

    Franklin R. Rankin

    David Wagner

    Alice Williamson Diary 1864



    Alvin Alexander

    William J. Alexander

    Henry Bitner

    Josiah Bloss

    Peter Boyer

    Simon Cameron

    Jeremiah T. Cooper






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